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Windower 4

Download Windower 4.3
Stable release

Download Windower 4.3
Development build

What is Windower?

Windower is a third party program for Final Fantasy XI that offers many positive enhancements to the game. It began as a simple program to allow the game to run in windowed mode and has evolved into a full game enhancer. You can install plugins, write your own Lua scripts and customize your interface to fit your playing style.

Why use Windower?

We attempt to bring many positive enhancements to the game while striving to not hurt other players' gaming experience. Our goal is to make the game more enjoyable and enhanced in the areas that the PS2 is holding the game back.

New in Windower 4!

Auto Updates!

No more guessing if you have the latest version of Windower or the plugins! Every time you launch Windower 4, it will check and make sure all of your files are up to date and update them accordingly! Getting new plugins is equally as easy! Just click on the "Plugins" menu in the launcher and download the ones you want. Try it out!

Video Recording!

The new "//video" command has been added to Windower 4. Typing //video into the chat box will start recording video and save it locally to your "videos" folder in your Windower directory. Format: //video start <xRes> <yRes> <fps> <quality>.

Lua Scripting!

Version 4.0 sees the addition of a Lua API. This is the first time the project has opened its doors to outside develpers. Our Lua code repository is completely open source and we encourage anyone to develop addons using Lua and release them to the community! For more info on getting started, we have a wiki setup and to see our repository of open source addons, check out the code repository! We look forward to seeing what you guys make!

More Developer Friendly!

The open source Lua API is just the beginning. As of 4.0, Windower now natively supports true IPC. Windower plugins/addons can now communicate with other instances natively. We've also updated WindowerHelper.dll to get rid of most of the long standing issues (such as the 8-argument max for commands and ability to catch commands fired in rapid succession). Interested in contributing more to the project? Just make your presence known in our Discord and get to know us. We're always looking for people to help bring new things to the project.

Core Team

  • Iryoku - Boss and main dev
  • Arcon - Pretend boss and pretend dev
  • Cair - Does all the dirty work
  • ZetaEpyon - Windower scribe and PR department


  • Joshk6656 - Maintains all deprecated plugins
  • Nifim - Slows our development by finding bugs
  • SSL - The link is only for show
  • Farmboy - Famous for his Wine


  • Rooks - Head of FFXIAH
  • Lotus - Head of the Darkstar project
  • vulture - Guy on Discord (formerly guy on IRC)

Original Developer: William Archbell (Azaril)
Former (known) contributors: Starhawk, Cliff, Aikar, Wiccan, Taj, Yekyaa, Hyshio, Krellion, Nitsuj, Radec, Invader, Ihm, Zohno, Aureus, Byrth

Missing credits? Contact Arcon

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